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When and Where?

Clinics are held every Wednesday from May 11th-August 3rd. There are two sessions a week: 6pm and 7pm. Athletes select the dates and clinic times that they are able to attend and only pay per-session. When registering, please double check that you select the correct date and clinic time. We also welcome any athletes that want to do both hour sessions each week for more ball touches and extra coaching!

Clinics are held at Chinquapin Park Sand Volleyball Courts. The address is 3210 King Street, Alexandria, Va 22314

What should I bring to the clinics?

All players must have an AVP Membership, a signed waiver, and a signed covid waiver in order to participate in our clinics. Players should also bring water.

Optionally, some athletes like to bring sunscreen (highly recommended), sunglasses, a hat/visor, sand socks, and a towel.

Which AVP Membership should I purchase?

Our club is a proud AVP Partner. This means that all of our athletes are required to be AVP Members in order to participate in our clinics. This will give our athletes injury insurance. Please click here to register as an AVP Member.

Players only participating in our clinics and not in AVP tournaments only need a Bronze Membership ($15). Athletes that wish to play in AVP qualifying tournaments throughout the summer will need a Silver Membership ($25).

Once a membership is acquired, please email Coach Kelly proof of your membership and Member ID Number to

Why Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is a great way to increase athleticism, mental toughness, court communication, and vertical jump. In the sand, athletes have to be quick and communicate well with their partner. These are skills that even the most talented indoor player can utilize to further their athletic career. Try out one of our clinics to see how beach volleyball can elevate your volleyball career to the next level!

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. Athletes must inform Coach Kelly or Coach Emma that they will not be able to attend a clinic a minimum of 24 hours in advance to receive a refund. Any cancellations less than 24 hours in advanced will not receive a refund.

Any cancellations made by Tidal BVB, like a rain cancelation, will result in a full refund to athletes. Notice of a cancellation will be made a minimum of two hours ahead of the clinic start time via email on file for each athlete.

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